luni, 16 octombrie 2017


So, I am famous for getting out of work late, especially on a Monday, so had no time for cooking today. And I said why should I not get something to take away from a restaurant close to my house (biryani, my new love 😍 ) I go in, I order and just wait. A lady had her eyes on me all this time and it was way too obvious already. I look back at her and just... smile (blame the Americans, I got it from my exchange year there). The lady just got mad and started to yell “ why do you smile at me? Do you know me? Look in another direction!” In my mind I was like “scuse me, lady, you were the one stalking me!” Everyone in the restaurant was looking at us like this was a theatre show or something. I was soooo angry in that moment and I continued to smile and just told me “because I am nice”. Maybe I should have told her “because I am nicer” 😂 she was so upset that she decided to leave. The lesson of the day: answer with kindness and people will be fully disharmed. I guess we know how to reply to violence and hatred and we are still learnig on how to treat people nice.
Careful with that smile though! 😂


sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017


Dupa o disparatie de lunga durata (nu, nu am fost intr-un retreat), doar obsedata de lucru, cate 12 ore pe zi. But, I am backkkkk
Multe s-au intamplat in ultimii ani, vrute si nevrute si am zis sa incep postarea cu o actiune mai veche. 

Sunt de o luna in Londra unde culture shock e la ea acasa. Incepand de la faptul ca la un pub lumea bea bere din picioare si stau la rand ca la paine, pana la incuiatul usilor 🤔

Am stat o luna in Londra in august 2016, trimisa in scop de serviciu, si am ajuns in apartamentul familiei sefului. Toate usile din casa erau zavorate (cum mai zicem prin Moldova). Aud tot felul de lucruri despre romani: hoti, tigani, "bloody Romanians are here to steal our jobs", deci am luat-o personal. Am avut pus pe masa instructiuni cum sa folosim masina de spalat 😂 (presupun ca ei nu stiu ca avem si din astea). Am avut instructiuni sa nu atingem colectia de bauturi si eu mai ghinionista de fel, o sampanie neatinsa a explodat. De bun simt am zis sa cumpar una in loc, dar 200 lire😱 bunul simt exagerat nu merita chiar atat. 

No bine, usa dulapului din dormitor era legata cu un lant de bicicleta. Nu ca as avea obiceiul de a cauta prin hainele altora 😂😂
Tinand cont ca avem faima de a fi si alcoolici (cica), sarantoci de ne inghite pamantul, toti se mira cand le arat poze din Timisoara. 
In plus, ma laud ca noi nu avem fobia incuiatului usilor si ei raman la fel de culture shocked ca si mine 😂😂

Pana data viitoare, stati securizati! 

joi, 15 octombrie 2015


În postările anterioare am vorbit despre drepturile femeilor din Orientul Mijlociu, dar astăzi vreau sa consemnez despre şoapta neauzită a fetelor care trebuie sa pună capăt copilariei înainte de vreme.

Alizadeh, o adolescentă din Iran era gata să fie vândută de proprii părinţi în schimbul anumitei sume de bani, care ar fi servit ca zestre fratelui ei. Şi de aici, continuă lanţul slăbiciunilor- fratele, la rândul lui să-şi cumpere o mireasă.
Şi cum tradiţia vine din familie, mama ei a fost vândută la vârsta de 13 ani.

Fata a participat la un concurs de muzică rap, unde îndemna poporul Afghan să voteze. Aceasta a câştigat un premium de USD1,000 şi nunta nu a mai fost o posibilitate.

Organiţia Strong Heart Group a oferit fetei o bursa de studiu la Academia Wasatch din Utah, Statele Unite ale Americii.
In luna noiembrie a acestui an vom avea ocazia să vizionăm şi un documentar despre viaţa fetei.

Vă las video mai jos cu subtitrare în engleză- Daughters for Sale

Să ne deschidem ochii şi inima pentru femeile care luptă pentru propria libertate!

vineri, 25 septembrie 2015


Dear you,
I will start with the idea that a person's poison is his own thoughts and actions. I know that this is a topic that you usually do not cover by confronting with your own life ideology.
I noticed that along with age, the emotional maturity is harder to get.  People, places, visions and the permanent change is influencing a person's decision in being stable. And it is so difficult in achieving the state of mind that allows you to say: ''I feel accomplished''. The emotional acceptance knows no limits and people try to lie themselves about what they feel.
Self-disclosure is a sign that you need to start swimming in the ocean you were thrown in. And nobody said that this should be easy, however a positive attitude represents the great achievement that you can obtain with someone's help.
Trusting people comes more difficult. Friends can be self-centered, a man might want two things: ''to lay you down or rise you up''. '' Hate brings me to my knees, love gets me on my feet. What you feel doesn't matter in the end, it's what you do that makes you brave'', Andre Agassi noted. And feels so impossible to be brave in most of the situations, when the light from the end of the tunnel is not there and you are walking alone in the dark.
Capture the moment, little girl, take responsibility for your decisions as this will be your drawn line to let you know if you are growing personally and emotionally. The fear is just a blame of your mind being lazy in working things out along with you. Do not imprison yourself  in a concept of defense or of promotion of your own past situations.
''Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional'' (Anonymous), while you pursue happiness is what makes you different. Don't ask to be heard out without judgment, nurture love and ask for respect from self, then from others. Don't be afraid to express what you feel by thinking what others might say. You went through unpleasant feelings, it is time to stop being vulnerable and to load your ''weapons''.
Don't cry for the lost time, just take control because you have the freedom to grow your own emotional maturity. ''Express to let pass. Ventilate to detach. Share to let go''.
The bomb is ticking for emotional sincerity and you do not feel ready, as always. The Blame Game is over and ''To be thine own self be true' gained field and you better continue the battle.
Being stable is not leading only to financial situation, but to a state of mind where you are happy with yourself.
Stand up for yourself, grow up, choose to feel and choose to learn.
Looking forward to see how future life experiences will remodel you in comparison with your ego.
With love,
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duminică, 28 iunie 2015


It is well-known that each European capital has it's vibrant side that drags you into the country's culture.

And for sure Bucharest is one of them. The main attraction being the Old Town along with great parks and large squares, you can always discover the unknown old side of Romania.

I will let the pictures talk for me and if you have a chance to visit the city, I am more than happy to create a customized itinerary for you (free of charge!)
PS... just let me know!
The Palace of the Parliament

The building has 1,100 rooms, curtains of 250 kg, a light chandelier of 3,000 kg and it was all build using Romanian materials. To design such a masterpiece, it took 700 architects under the led of a women- Anca Petrescu. The tours take place daily, so I highly recommend this one (full ticket around 10-15 euro). See more details here. 

 Romanian National Library

Below are pictures from the Old City and City Center

 The entrance of  the Romanian History Museum

 The building of the National Bank of Romania 

 Stavropoleos Church

The church was build in 1724 and now holds a conference room and a library. You can have a virtual tour of the church here. 

Share a good thought that you can hang it in an improvised tree

 Universitatii Square

 The Romanian Athenaeum 

The building was completed in 1888 by the French architect Albert Galleron. It is incredible that the only source of finance was the money from public fundraising.

Cismigiu Park

Manifestation in the city center

  Bucur's Shelter

 A very nice hostel close to the city center. The accommodation it is decorated with items that represents the Romanian traditions and culture. A great place to spend your time also. You can arrange your booking here.

 The Romanian Peasant Museum

It got the title of the Museum of the Year in Europe (1996). You can find hand-made items that represent the Romanian culture.

 Traditional clothing

I would be more than happy to read about your adventure in Bucharest.